Sunday, August 23, 2009

hanging garden at home

One of the best ways to add color and charm to your garden is with hanging baskets. Here’s to how you could do it.

Fix the place you would hang them before you start making them. There are whole host to things you must sort like location – sun/shade/wind, watering/pruning ease, size of basket, weight/structure (wire or plastic or clay). Once you’ve chosen a basket and a place to hang it, they need to be lined with sphagnum moss or coconut fibre to retain adequate water and soil. It is best to soak the moss or fibre first for a couple of hours because it will be easier to work with. Squeeze the water out and pack the moss tightly between the wires making an even layer around the basket. Fill the bottom of the basket with potting soil mixed in with compost. Poke slits in the coconut fiber where you want to insert plants. You could arrange the plants all around the pot. Place trailing plants/vines at the bottom of the pot, and hanging plants on the sides so that they cover the sides of the basket. The upright plants are planted at the top of the basket. Insert the plants into the slits and you do that, pour in more soil to hold them in the pot. A mix of colorful flowers and foliage would look great, so choose plants carefully.

Watering is extremely important. Your basket may dry out quickly and your plants will not do well unless the soil and moss remain moist. Keep the moss moist by watering the sides of the basket, and twice a day.

Photo source: Web, for now. My baskets would be vamped up and ready for display soon.


  1. This is so useful-specially to all space strapped, missing the garden at home types like me. Will come back and read in detail-and see what I can implement.
    Great idea-keep going!

  2. Hi,
    Hanging baskets is one of my fav. I'd have to say ... love the overflow of colors that one can create ...
    Thanks for dropping by my blog ... will surely be back to see what else you have coming ... you say garden and you got my full attention :)

  3. @Hypermom: Thanks so much! Hope you do find something to take up and go green...
    @Rajee: Thanks. Your blog inspires me a lot...:-)

  4. Hello!!! Thanks for coming by my blog! Just wanted to tell you that the peachy colored basket of flowers at the top of my blog are Portulaca! I love them...they sit out on the table in my backyard in full sun! This post of yours on hanging baskets is appropriate for my comment...
    Take care...Julie

  5. @Julie: Hi! Great to see you here. Thanks for letting me know. The picture is really nice. See you around..

  6. I love the beauty of hanging baskets and need to experiment more with them. Here in Texas, I'm having trouble keeping them from drying out too fast if they are in the sun, and I can't water them more than once a day. Maybe I should play with setting something in the moss to help hold in water? If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!


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