Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you have the bachelor’s button?

Gomphrena globosa (bachelor’s buttons) is a low maintenance, heat resistant annual with a bushy appearance. They are excellent plant for containers and look brilliant with their brightly colored globe-shaped flower heads. The plant is easy to grow, flowers profusely, needs the full sun and regular watering (not over-watering) during summers. The soil type should be both water retentive and well-draining and could be prepared with a combination of peat moss, sand and garden soil. Feeding it monthly with a balanced fertilizer is beneficial.


To encourage branching and hence more blooms, pinch the tips of plant. They are easily propagated by seeds or simple layering. Bend down a stem such that the node is covered with soil. Keep it moist for rooting and separate from the main plant when rooted and transplant as a new plant.

A must-have for summer gardens and butterfly lovers! Did you also know that Gomphrena can be used for dried flower arrangements? Cut the stems just as the flower heads are beginning to open and hang upside down in a warm, dark place to dry.

There are names for Gomphrena colors too. ‘Buddy’ for purple flower heads; ‘Strawberry Fields’ for bright red flower heads; ‘Lavender Lady/Queen’ for lavender flowerheads; and ‘Cissy’ for white ones

Which one are you?


  1. nice pics. if you post a macro it will look even prettier. keep posting.

  2. @Khabbab: Thanks for stopping by. I'm a beginner with blogs, will surely try to work it out. See you around.


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