Sunday, October 11, 2009

Up the hill - Photo-tag

Joyful from Snap that prompted me to play the photo-tag game. Your first photo folder -> Tenth photo -> Share the story!

Some random arrangement led me to the one you see here, the rose.

This one, and the series of photographs that follow were shot at Shimla. Shimla is a hilly town in Northern India, popularly known as Queen of Hills and is draped in forests of pine, rhododendron and oak. It was a weekend trip to Shimla with my best friend about five months back to meet another friend we had not been in touch for nearly 12 years. For the three of us, it was a homecoming of sorts. It's amazing how childhood friends never feel toodistant or cut off from each other's lives no matter where they are. As soon as we met, we took off from where we had left. While we stayed up the night to babble relentlessly and catching up from where we left, her husband kept the house up and running. They took an off from work to be with us and show us around the town We binged on some amazing Tibetan food, travelled around and had a terrific time.

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." -Tim McGraw
How true!

Do you know this pink-white flower - name?

Another place near Shimla
View of places around Shimla
Wayside flowers


  1. What a lovely post. Interesting and great photos.

  2. Beautiful post and lovely photos. Thanks for playing the photo tag!

  3. An interesting game and an interesting story. Yes, childhood friends are like sisters and brothers.The pansies are lovely, as are all the other flowers.

  4. All the flowers are lovely especially the white one in the last picture :-) Old childhood friends are the best friends I have ever had.

  5. That rose looks like it could just unfold in the picture! All of the flowers are so pretty and those mountain views are spectacular. What a nice reunion for you - I am blessed enough to have a childhood friend too! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  6. Hey! First time here. Lovely blog. I got a terrace and a few potted plants. Totally love taking care of them.
    Lovely pictures here. I think the name of the last flower is Devils Trumpet. Is that correct?

  7. Great photos UG. Fabulous flowers - I don't know the name of the particular flower... but I see foxgloves (the next 2 down) there...

  8. What an amazing post, dear Urban green! I can understand how happy you must have felt after meeting your friends as recently I too met my friend after about ten years! The time gap did not matter at all and there was so much to share! Well, that's what friendship is all about :-)
    I think that the pink and the white flowers are 'Godetia'

  9. Flowers to turn anyone's head. UG you are a kindred spirit. I am trying to reconnect to old friends too. I would love to host a party for my old girl friends. They live all over the world now. What a fabulous place to meet!

  10. Great post! Super photos! I love your Foxglove, very enchanting! The roses were gorgeous! All your photos were wonderful to see and enjoy!

  11. Shimla is beautiful! The pine trees and the flowers...!! Gorgeous photos of all the the roses, the dark hollyhock and of course, the pansies. Great place to meet up...I'd love to be there, some time. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The views of Shimla is truly breathtaking. So are all the flowers. I think these flowers are gorgeous and I like their vibrant colours. Through the years, I too found that childhood friends always make the best of friends.

  13. Lovely flowers! I am shocked to see foxgloves blooming there. They are a nice plant indeed. Can't help you with the pink and white flowers. They at first glance look like azaleas but I know that is not right. P.S. I'm planning on trying steamed fish in my banana leaves tonight. Wednesday's post will be of a different kind of banana leaf. I've been seeing a lot of bananas on blogs lately-they are so fun I don't blame you for liking them.

  14. Shimla is beautiful. Sorry I don't know the pink/white flower but is it pretty.

  15. What pretty flowers, it makes me think of early summer seeing the foxgloves.

  16. Nothing sweeter than a childhood friend, they know things about us that no one else does. Great photos!

  17. I'm so glad Green Thumb knew what your flower was, since I did not!!! What a beautiful place India is!!!

  18. oh WoW...simply beautifully captured shots...lovely flowers from all hues!

  19. Very nice post, I am giving the receipt on the previous post to wife, it sounds delicious, I have plenty of banana leaves in my garden, thanks

  20. All such wonderful photos of your excursion. Thank you!!

  21. oh my goodness...what glorious photos!


  23. How delightful to have friends like that. We have some too, where it can be years between visits, but like it was no time at all when we do finally manage to get together. Shimla looks to be a very flowerful and wonderful spot to enjoy with such friends. :-)

  24. @Hermes: Thanks a lot!

    @Joyful: Photo-tag was fun. Had you not tagged me, I would have missed it. Thanks to you!

    @Lotusleaf: Yes, I agree. Childhood friends are truly a blessing. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my post.

    @Stephanie: White one is foxglove. Thanks for your kind comments.

    @Mildred: Thanks! One feels blessed to have a childhood friend, seeing you through thick and thin.

    @G: Welcome to my blog! Great to find more gardening friends here. The last flower is foxglove. I hope to see you around.

    @Evelyn: Thanks very much! Greenthumb says its Godetia.

    @Greenthumb: It's all about friendship, isn't it? Thanks for the name of the flower. I'm going to look for seeds here, and hopefully grow some for my balcony.

    @Helen: Reunion is so much fun!!

    @Kiki: Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. see you!

    @Kanak: Shimla is a great place, though a little crowded in summers. Places around Shimla are more charming. You liked the drak holly hock? thought as much. I've not seen a color like that in hollyhocks.

    @Autumn: I was telling my blogger friends before - childhood friends are are blessing.

    @Tina: WOW! fish in banana I invited? could you ship some?

    @Susie: Thanks for stopping by. The flower is Godetia (Greenthumb just said so)

    @Catherine: Thanks! Ah! we think of winters/spring when we see these flowers. Summers is a kill here.

    @ IGW: Couldn't agree more. See you around!

    @Julie: India has a mix of everything. One needs find a nook to be happy in.

    @flying stars: Thanks a lot!

    @Rusty: Thanks for sharing the recipe with your wife. DO let me know how it turned out.

    @Mary: Thanks, thanks!

    @Tootsie: Thanks, but nothing beats yours :)

    @Rev David/ Muani: I think you are referring to joyful, aren't you? Lucky me, you stopped by my blog :)

    @Frances: How true! well said!

    @Sue: Thanks!


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